Afghanistan conference gets lengthy name

Brace yourselves for the name that The Netherlands has come up with for an international conference on Afghanistan, to be held on March 31st in The Hague: “International Conference on Afghanistan: security, development and diplomacy in a regional context“.  But in a letter to Parliament, a slightly different name is used: ‘International Conference on Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Strategy in a Regional Context‘. Fortunately, ‘Afghanistan Conference 2009‘ appears to be OK, too.  On Monday, a dedicated website will be launched:

Radio Netherlands Worldwide will also launch a special website in several languages dedicated to the conference.

Here is the list of countries and organisations that have been invited to attend the one-day meeting:


1. Afghanistan
2. Albania
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Azerbaijan
6. Bahrain
7. Bangladesh
8. Belarus
9. Belgium
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
11. Brasil
12. Brunei
13. Bulgaria
14. Canada
15. Chili
16. China
17. Colombia
18. Croatia
19. Cyprus
20. Czech Republic
21. Denmark
22. Egypt
23. Estonia
24. Finland
25. France
26. Georgia
27. Germany
28. Greece
29. Hungary
30. Iceland
31. India
32. Indonesia
33. Iran
34. Ireland
35. Italy
36. Japan
37. Jordan
38. Kazakhstan
39. Kuwait
40. Kyrgyzstan
41. Libya
42. Latvia
43. Lithuania
44. Luxemburg
45. Macedonia
46. Malaysia
47. Malta
48. Netherlands
49. New Zealand
50. Norway
51. Oman
52. Pakistan
53. Poland
54. Portugal
55. Qatar
56. Russia
57. Romania
58. Saudi Arabia
59. Singapore
60. Slovakia
61. Slovenia
62. South Korea
63. Spain
64. Sweden
65. Switzerland
66. Tajikistan
67. Turkey
68. Turkmenistan
69. Ukraine
70. UAE
71. United Kingdom
72. United States of America
73. Uzbekistan


74. Asian Development Bank
75. European Union (Presidency, High Representative, Commission)
76. IMF
77. NATO
78. Organisation of the Islamic Conference
79. Worldbank
80. Islamic Development Bank
81. UN Mr Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
82. UN Special Representative Mr Kai Eide


83. ACBAR (Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief)
84. Aga Khan Foundation
85. European Parliament
86. International Red Cross
87. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
88. Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
89. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 13 March 2009)

Over Hans de Vreij

Retired Dutch journalist. Covered EU, NATO, UN, security & defense. Was correspondent in Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Prague. Studied Russian language & literature.
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  1. not a bad name but “typical Dutch”- longwinded. The thing is, the DUtch take such pride in their command of English that they do not realize, maybe don’t care, or maybe are proud that they have created a Dutch dialect of English, which I lable (phonetically, that’s very un British) Dinglish.

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