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Eerste Nederlandstalige artikelen over ‘novitsjok’

Eerste artikelen over ‘Novitsjok’ in de Nederlandse kranten. Gevonden op Rus: wapenakkoord misbruikt Door Hans Geleijnse, correspondent in Moskou Dr. Vil Mirzajanov schudt vertwijfeld het hoofd. Hij kan er absoluut niet bij dat het Westen vertrouwen schenkt aan de … Lees verder

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‘Russian Spy and I’

Chapter I: Opening Moves “Excuse me, are you from the Soviet Union?” The question in Russian was almost superfluous. The man I addressed from behind was a typical homo sovieticus. The wrong suit and shoes, a typical haircut. The year: … Lees verder

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Russian Spy and I

Zo af en toe moesten de websites van de Wereldomroep (waar ik jaren heb gewerkt) worden opgezuiverd. Oude artikelen maakten plaats voor nieuwe. Dat lot trof jaren geleden ook Russian Spy and I, anekdotes op spionagegebied uit de jaren 1987-1990. … Lees verder

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Shikhany 1987

For decades the Soviet Union had denied it possessed chemical weapons. But in 1987 it came clean under orders of party leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The USSR invited delegates of the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament to see samples of chemical munitions. This … Lees verder

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Songs from Stalin’s Gulag

Here are some songs from the Soviet Union labor camps, better known as the Gulag. They come from a LP in my collection, published by the Dutch section of Amnesty International in 1977. The songs were collected by Hungarian citizen A. … Lees verder

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President Putin on the ‘genetic code’ of Russian people

(Fragment from the annual phone-in with the Russian president, 17 April 2014) Vladimir Putin: I thought for a long while about whether to answer this question at all. It is not a question that would fit in a blitz Q&A … Lees verder

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Stratfor: A Net Assessment of the World

Stratfor, Geopolitical Weekly May 19, 2015 By George Friedman A pretentious title requires a modest beginning. The world has increasingly destabilized and it is necessary to try to state, as clearly as possible, what has happened and why. This is … Lees verder

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