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Combined Task Force 150

Recovered from my dusty archives: in 2005 I visited the Dutch flagship of  ‘Combined Task Force 150’, one of three US-led naval task forces in and around the Persian Gulf. With the increased attention for the Strait of Hormuz and … Lees verder

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Kabinet: Rusland schendt INF-verdrag

Aan de Voorzitter van de Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal Binnenhof 4 Den Haag Onze Referentie DVB/NW-130/2018 Datum 27 november 2018 Betreft Nederlandse conclusie over de Russische schending van het INF-verdragHet INF-verdrag (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) is meer dan dertig jaar zeer … Lees verder

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Rapport over de dood van cameraman Stan Storimans in Georgië, 12 augustus 2008

[In 2008 publiceerde het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken een onderzoeksrapport naar de dood van RTL-camerman Stan Storimans in Georgië eerder dat jaar. Onderstaand de originele Engelstalige tekst*. Vreemd genoeg is deze niet meer te vinden op de website van Buitenlandse … Lees verder

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Srebrenica: US, UK had a ‘Deep Throat’ in Belgrade

For the second time in 20 years, former Dutch defence minister Joris Voorhoeve has said that “at least two allied nations” had prior knowledge about the 1995 Serbian onslaught against the UN-protected ‘safe areas’ in eastern Bosnia. He did not … Lees verder

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Flight MH17: Dutch government answers to Parliament

Letter of 27 October 2014 from the Minister of Security and Justice, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defence to the House of Representatives answering questions relating to the MH17 air disaster Attached to this letter are … Lees verder

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Dutch PM Rutte: “president Putin must take responsibility”

At 17:55 on Saturday Prime Minister Mark Rutte issued a new statement on the air disaster in Ukraine involving flight MH17. ‘I want to see results in the form of unhindered access and a speedy recovery of the victims’ remains. … Lees verder

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Flight MH17: statement of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Ladies and gentlemen, The dramatic events that took place yesterday in Ukraine are now, a day later, assuming an increasingly tragic scale. Yesterday I spoke of 154 Dutch nationals who were known to have died. That number has now risen … Lees verder

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