Interview met mullah Beradar, de #2 van de Taliban

Onderstaand de letterlijke tekst van een interview met mullah Beradar, de militaire commandant van de Taliban en de nummer 2 in de hierarchie, na mullah Omar. Op 23 juni verschenen op een van de websites van de Taliban ( Geen foto van Beradar beschikbaar, wel is bekend dat hij is geboren en getogen in het district Deh Rawod van de provincie Uruzgan. Alternatieve spellingen van zijn naam: Biradar, Birader, Berader, Broadar etc.

Text of  interview of the  esteemed  Mullah Beradar Akhund, Deputy Ameerul Mo’mineen of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan With  the “ SARK ” magazine.

The endless sacrifices  of our Muslim nation  compelled the arrogant invaders  to accept the bitter realities on ground.

Had we opted to  burn  educational institutions in Afghanistan ,    you wouldn’t have seen 10 percent educational institutions left  without having been  demolished.

Question:   US Special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan , Hellbrook, admitted last month that so far USA   had not been able  to sew discord and dissension among  the ranks of Taliban.   In the  last eight years, what hidden hands  have  you noticed  at Islamic Emirate’s Leadership level and in the ranks of Mujahideens  and why USA is not successful  to  bring about ramification  among   different groups of Taliban and what is the  secret behind it?


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Praise be to Allah,  the Lord of the universe, and peace and blessings be upon the leader of the prophets and messengers, the commander of the Mujahideen ( Mohmmad- Peace Be Upon Him)  and his family and whoever follow him  and strives in his path until the doomsday. And afterwards:
Unbelieving nations and, in particular, the invading  Americans  are fanning internal rivalries.  They are trying to  play havoc to the Islamic brotherhood. They are  consistently searching for avenues to jeopardise  the unity among their ranks;  chalks out new programmes and formulate  new strategies and provide unconditional material support to achieve that end. This hatred and strategies filled with jealousy and malice are crystal clear but it is not only that you can see what they are doing? Allah subhanahu wata’ala in The Glorious Qur’an  warned the Muslims 1400 ago  about their enmity, conspiracies and their extreme malice in these words:Allaah subhan ahu wata’ ala says:

Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can (Baqara :217)

Allaah subhanahu wata’ala is instructing  the Muslims how to counter all kinds of conspiracies of the enemies by showing the way, importance of singleness and unity. In the Holy Qur’an along with other decrees to abide by, Allah (SwT) gives command to Muslims to adhere to  the rule of  unity among themselves and completely avoid  internal conflicts and disagreements whatsoever. Allah subhanahu wata’ala addresses this issue in the Holy Qur’an in such words:

And obey Allah and His Messenger and do not quarrel,  for then you will be weak in hearts and your power will depart, and be patient; surely Allah is with the patient (Al-Anfal :46)

Leaders of Islamic Emirate and all the Mujahideens  consider this point  to be of paramount  value;  and  they try their level best to be the living example of the words of  the command  of Allah subhanahu wata’ala . All Praises be to Allah! We can clearly see this obedience in the ranks of Mujahideens of the Islamic Emirate. You can clearly see this chain of command and it is quiet visible.

That is why when you look at the history of Islamic Ummah especially in the Battle of Ahzab [Forces of confederates] or Battle of Trench, we see such examples.  since then there is no such example in the history when  a great   confederates [Disbelieving Forces]  allied against  a single Muslim nation like  it is now seen  in Afghanistan . A weak state  already eroded by a war of attrition is  heroically standing up to  the might and brutality  of    the nations of the evil. They joined hands and  invaded but  still that weak nation survived against them.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and its Muslim Nation, only because of  the help of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala’s and because of blessings of unity,  despite the passage  of  eigh year,   have been still fighting against the disbelieving nations with patience, perseverance and with humbleness;  They are gaining  successes even in  abnormal conditions,. They ( the Mujahideen)  have  mutual respect, honour and freedom;  passing their nights and days in brotherhood and unity.

If we look at the political history of all the nations ousted by foreign invaders , we find that their  structure and organization has been disintegrated after having been toppled.   But it is the  Islmic emirate  of Afghanistan that it was able to keep its organizational set-up in tact and even it has  strengthened more than  before, despite  being not at the saddle of power.  The secret behind this extraordinary success  is that  the leadership and  rank and files of the  Islamic Emirate strictly follow the injunctions of  the Almighty Allah ( SwT) concerning the unity and cohesion among themselves.

Question: In private meetings,  the enemy admits that the previous year was unsuccessful year for foreign forces and the Kabul Administration in terms of capturing and eliminating the Talibans, so in current scenario Obama is sending more troops in Afghanistan, how  do you look at this militarily?

Answer: We had always said that in Afghanistan foreign invasion will be met with stiff resistance  through Jihad of  the Muslim people of Afghanistan . This had fruitful results. Every single day brings more successes. That is with the passage of every day,  Mujahideens are learning  new tatics, improving our skills not only with the weaponry but in administrative areas ;gaining more experiences.  At the battle front,  valour against the enemy has its fruitful outcome.

Obama’s planning to send more troops to Afghanistan in itself proves that  the current foreign forces are facing fiasco and has been defeated by the operations of the  Mujahideens . They have lost the morale to fight. From the outset, the foreigners closed all channels of diplomacy. If additional forces come to Afghanistan will have same defeats, will lose their morales and will come under the attacks. Instead of  winning the war, they  will face humiliating defeats with the Grace of Allah subhanahu wata’ala.

Question: American politicians and Western experts admits this reality, that Talibans are much more popular as compared to the Karzai Administration and have popular support. But we do not see close relation an contact  between the people and Talibn as it should have been in  the light of the  condition  that we are passing through. In other word,   the Taliban should have consulatation with  the people and  hear their  grievances and advice. What do you say to your people  about  this  vacuum?

Answer: The Jihad and resistance against Americans and all occupying forces emanates from the  determination of  the Mujahid nation. What  we the Islamic Emirate has achieved against  the Americans in reality  is the result of the  endless sacrifices of our proud  people( The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan )  and their martyrdoms operations. We pay great respect  to their  timeless  sacrifices rendered  by  this Muslim Nation.  we are deeply indebted to them and their sacrifices in this Jihad and resistance. In reality  the sacrifice, the love for martyrdom of our people is for the uplifting  of  the faith and religion.   We are one nation and will remain one.

Our Muslim  and Mujahid nation has rendered  the tremensous sacrifice.   Honestly speaking,  we cant express the  dimension of  the  respect,  honour,  excellence or  the high place  that they deserve.  One can not utter that  in words.  It is not possible. If you want  me to define Taliban and  the nation,  I can’t distinquish between them . They are one. There is no “ we” and the “ nation”. All are “ We”.   .

And as for the fight against the disbelieving occupiers is concerned, our Jihad will continue until we ensure  our freedom, authority and achieve Islamic Sovereignty. Our Mujahideens are sacrificing their lives  for defending their  Muslim nation.

The honour and respect of our  Muslim nation, their aspirations are the priorities  embedded in the strategy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan .  .

The Leader of the Islamic Emirate keep in touch with the people  via religious scholars,  elders and advisors and  notables.

But due  to the war, there were some grievances and shortcomings, not only among the people  but among the ranks and files of Taliban, but with the help of Allah, (SwT) we will work together to resolve this issues. .

Question: sometimes, or should I say in the previous month there were some reports that Americans and their puppets in Kabul wanted to have talks with you, and the  Americans and Kabul Administration have affirmed these reports but  such reports are refuted  by  the Islamic Emirate. Are there  talks going on currently? And if the reply is in negative then what is the motive behind the circulation of  such false reports in the media and is there any possibility at all for dialogue in the future?

Answer:  Due to the endless sacrifices of our Muslim nation, the ground  realities have changed. But  the arrogant and brutal  occupying forces, are not  ready  to acknowledge  them. They are not going  to accept the bitter  reality. The gains we have achieved is because of  the Grace  of Allah subhanahu wata’ala and  the sacrifices of our Mujahid nation . The Holy Quran says:

And Allah only gave it as a good news and that your hearts might be at ease thereby; and victory is only from Allah; surely Allah is Mighty, Wise (Al-Anfal :10)

These arrogant occupation forces  used to put hundreds of thousands of dollars head money on so many Mujahideens and use to discredit them, malign them;  deprive them  of the  honour  that Allah subhanahu wata’ala’s through his Mercy, has bestowed upon us.
But now due to the Blessings of Jihad and as you have said yourself, they send their words almost every month, trying  to have dialogues and negotiations with us. They ask and send their requests, they are now preferring peaceful exit over confrontation.

As regarding the dialogues with Islamic Emirate is concerned, our stance regarding that and  our conditions are well-known  and it does not need further explanation or repetition over here.

These Americans invaders and their puppet institutions repeatedly propagate that we are open to dialogues and  they are trying to  convince the people that  we are ready for solutions and dialogue but  the Islamic Emirate prefers war rather than  peace..

These barbaric and tyrant Americans are the most cunning and deceiving people on the face of  the earth. Their all power and their forces available to annihilate the weak masses, they covetously carry out operations and  are deceiving people in general.

They are even deceiving their own people. If they really preferred peace over war then why in the first place,  they invaded Afghanistan ? At that time we were keen to have solutions for the problems that we were facing and opened ourselves to all kind of diplomacy but they in their arrogance,  didn’t pay attention and invaded us, putting all their weaponry by killing innocent Afghan nation,  displaced them;  tortured and captured  them and were bragging about it. All the followers of the Cross  gathered  and allied  and  started their brutality on this defenceless  Afghan nation. We Afghans are those who defeated Communists and we had respect and honour and did a great favour to all the nations of the world, by releasing them from the clutches of communism.  but they killed our nation barbarically and gave us blood baths with our own blood and filled the  prisons cells with our prisoners. So the   Almighty Allah, who is always helper of the oppressed people, gave us victory. The enemy has launched  the notion of negotiation for the achievement of their  ultra motives through talks.

The Islamic Emirate at this critical juncture  is fighting in the way of Allah and with Allah’s help, is  victorious. Successes are on its way and they have a strong positive stance that if Americans really want to end this oppression and want to resolve the issue, then first they will have to abide by what we already told them, complete and un conditional withdrawal.  and if they came to have dialogue and peace they have to sit to make an exit strategy and if they came with concealed motives and want to deceive, that is  another  matter.  What keeps them back from talks?

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan , while having a position of strength and success, calls on the invading Americans  to leave our country. In the first place, they have not come to our country  by our consultation and invitation , so their way is open to leave this country with their own discretion.  Firstly, they should put an end to their  illegitimate aggression, then the Islamic Emirate  is ready to  establish a truly representative Islamic Afghan  administration  based on  the  consent of our people, and will  follow   a policy of mutual respect  and non-interference with all countries of the world.

Question: Americans came up with new strategy in order to succeed, involving China , India , Iran and Russia under the “ contact group. ”. They want all  these countries participate in  the problems of Afghanistan , how you perceive this step of  the Americans?

Answer: As we have already mentioned that Americans are unable  to stand up to the  struggle of the Afghan people. They are  now urging those countries who use to be their rivals militarily, politically and economically to come to Afghanistan for their help and support.

The American’s  project of  “ contact group”  will not have achievements for them. All these so called friends have their own vested interest and they look at things differently especially when Americans influence increases in terms of their forces, politically  or economically. They disagree regarding American expansionism. Americans do understand this very well, but their fiasco in Afghanistan  has brought them to  a juncture where they have mingled fruitful and negative programmes and they are not  able to distinguish between friend and enemy.

Question: In your last reign of government  some policies and conduct of the Islamic Emirate personnel  were   based on emotions rather than pragmatism. Two important rule of the Islamic law i.e.  action and suspension was not followed. The needs of the people were  not taken care of  .  Does the Islamic Emirate  have  plans  in the future to rectify or amend such policies and  attitudes.  How do you address the grievances of the people in future.?

Answer: You know war was imposed on us at different levels and directions by invisible hands.

The  masses could  not recognize it easily, but once  the followers of the Cross invaded,  all those hidden hands were visible and everybody involved accepted that they were interfering. What I mean to say is, due to wars you are unable to pay attention to so many important areas of national needs and the  huge expenditure and burden of war  fell on the economy, sagging  its  backbone.   Secondly it diverted attention but despite that, as the war was being contained,  life was coming to normalcy; we were gaining experience but I will say that at that time more attention was given on how to reunite the Afghans; how to begin  life  a new after  the war  of attrition;  how to stop the influence of foreigners in our country; how to put on track the derailed system of governance,  and prepare grounds for other services needed for  nation building.  Some mistake took place in the  past. But the enemy through black propaganda exaggerates and repeats it over its media again and again, on regular  basis.  All those good and positive services that we had provided, no one talks about  them.  They are intentionally overlooked as if it never existed. .

Anyway, Islamic Emirate had had  some weaknesses among its ranks and files.   We don’t claim that they were innocent as angels. We are human beings and human life in its totality is  a collection of experiences. We learn from the past  experiences;   will work on it and  ask  Allah subhanahu wata’ala  for His help.  we are striving to establish a true Islamic  government  for our suffering Muslim nation which  will  cater to all needs of the people, both spiritual and material .

We want to form a government  which correspond with all the good criteria of governance.  Serving the common people   is the best job which the Almighty Allah bestows on his  servants.  We pray to the Almighty to accept us as  the true servants of his creatures.

Question: Education and training is part of the religion and essential for human needs.  There is allegation against the  Islamic Emirate that it never paid serious attention to these areas. Kabul Administration says that women schools were burnt by Talibans, how much truth is  in such allegations? Has the Islamic Emirate  incorporated  education as a priority  into its  policies and  approaches?

Answer:  The  Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan gives  special attention to education as our financial  resources permit us.  We  have formed a commission of education in our organizational set-up.  We are trying to serve our  miserable people in the field of education. As far the  arson of school are concerned it is the black propaganda of the enemy.   They do not tire to malign us . However , the people of Afghanistan know the facts.  Some time the enemy  establishes outpost, military garrison in  the building of schools. Even they establish  district headquarters in schools, so when these   schools-turned to- military installation are  captured, then the enemy wrongly launch black propaganda that the Taliban set fire to schools.  The people of the area where such  events have taken place , are witness to  their fabricated statements.  They  know the reality with their own eyes.

Question:  Lately,  it has come to notice that  the leadership has made some important nomination, apoointment and transfer of its ranks and files.  I want your view in this regards?

Answer: In Jihad, accountability,  removal , transfer and nomination  is   the basic rule of  command. Obedience of the command is also part and parcel of this system.

are ehat i and all that he says hat  the leadership has made some important nomination, apoointment and transfer of its ranks aIslamic Emirate Higher leadership  pays special attention to  people’s daily affairs.  Persons-in- command go  through command briefings and shares field expertise. They share technical knowledge so they have to take steps accordingly. This is the reason that in the current year there has been a lot of reshuffling on many different battle zones.

These nominations and appointments take place on the basis of merit and  piety, accountability and  expertise.  And at different territories, the way they carry  out operations, and how they finalize it by using their own experiences of the terrain and skills and the way we have seen it with our own eyes. Promoting and demoting personnel’s on different administrative and military levels produce good results and it is very essential. Some time the  needs arise to do so.  If Allah subhanahu wata’la willing such changes will bring fruitful results in  the field of Jihad.

Question:  How do you evaluate the Sarak magazine in the work of  dissemination of  religious and national  ideology and in the defence of these  thoughts and what is your  valuable  views about this.?

Answer: more than a year ago,  SARK journal, , was the first in Afghan media to start its Jihadi and Da’wa mission,.

Personnaly,  I always looked forward to read something of this sort and whenever I came across it I read the  article in depth.

At that time,  a new journal “ SARK ” appeared on the horizon of Afghanistan ’s printing media. Though  many newspapers claimed to be  free  and independent, and having  news coverage and took the credits for it but SARK is the first one that  practically raised voice  for freedom and  liberation from the shackles of the enemy and made a spectacular debut in the print media.  All members of SARK till now been honest to their journalistic ethics which is their national and Islamic duty  and I pray to Allah Jalah Jalalahu to give you  more successes.

Question: what is your message to  the Afghan people?

Answer:  my  Message is  that unless we  free  our nation  from foreign yoke, thanks to our  selfless   sacrifices, we will not be able  whisk away from the tentacles of these invaders. Our religion and our nation will be under consistent threat until we have our own self government  without any foreign interference. So our first priority should be to unite our ranks for Jihad and to support the Mujahideens.  We have to help them, we have to be with them in their ranks. The , disbelievers are not only enemies of Taliban  and religious scholars or Mujahideen but they are enemies of Islam and the Muslims in general . They have invaded our  lands.  We should all stand against them together and fight them and understand this reality until you unsheathe  your swords and make the enemy flee from our beloved land,  till then we can not say that we have freed our nation.

If the enemy wanted to leaves this territory without war then why it invaded us in the first place? So I ask all the Muslims to pay special attention to this important point.  The enemy is full of cunningness and  deceiption.  What  they say  that we  are  your friends, what they say through their mouths practically they don’t abide by it. What  they  conceal in their  breast is totally different and it has hidden objectives but we know the reality and we know the way to success and that is the honourable way of Jihad.

Over Hans de Vreij

Retired Dutch journalist. Covered EU, NATO, UN, security & defense. Was correspondent in Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Prague. Studied Russian language & literature.
Dit bericht werd geplaatst in Afghanistan en getagged met . Maak dit favoriet permalink.

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